Bliss Entertainment


Set the tone for your special event, party or wedding day with a wonderful violin performance by the most talented violinist of Bliss Entertainment. Highly trained and experienced, our violinist is a true magician in the art of music. The fingers of the performer touch the strings and create a melody that casts a spell on the listeners and they are transported to an ethereal world.

Playing a variety of melodious tunes to match the different moods of celebration, our violinist weaves magic on the stringed instrument at every moment. Whether you need soft background music or a high-voltage centre stage violin performance, our violinist can play everything with aplomb. We can also arrange a customized violin performance as per your musical choice.

Whether it is classical, rock, waltz, jazz or music from popular movies, our violinist has an extensive repertoire which most likely may also include one of your favourite numbers. The lilting music of Bliss Entertainment violinist will linger in the heart long after the event is over.

Book a Bliss Entertainment live violin show today and give an elegant twist to your event with the soul-stirring musical show presented by our violinist. We look forward to hearing from you soon.