Bliss Entertainment

Co2 Cannons

If you are looking for an effect that is unique and edgy, co2 jets fits in as the most ideal choice. Bliss Entertainment co2 jet effect creates the most vibrant and dramatic ambience and makes your event a memorable experience for life.

The co2 jet effect takes the whole set up to a completely new level of visual presentation.

Bliss Entertainment presents you with the latest version of this smoky effect that adds another element to your event. Our co2 guns and co2 cannons blast out cold air that is safe to breathe in. The blast dissipates almost instantly with no lingering mist of air. The cool air projected across the dance floor not only refreshes the guests but also gives a dreamy feel to the venue. The sensational visual effect of co2 jet enhances the party mood and the spirit of fun.

Bring alive your joyous event with the amazing effect of co2 jets presented by Bliss Entertainment.