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Bhangra Dancers

Bhangra dance, one of the most vibrant and colorful dance forms of Punjab, India, can instantly create a party-like atmosphere with its foot-tapping music and lively beats. Whether it is a social function or any special corporate event, this energetic dance style enlivens the dance floor, adds a zing to the festivity and keeps the guests fully entertained. Bliss Entertainment is here to help you choose one of the finest team of Bhangra dance performers who are known to set the floor on fire with their sizzling dance acts.

We boast of an extremely talented group of Bhangra dance artists who showcase entertainment in the truest sense. They create the perfect party mood as they welcome everyone to join in the revelry of Bhangra.

Our Bhangra performers steal the show as they keep the audience engaged with their electrifying performance and leave them asking for more. Decked up in bright Punjabi attire, our Bhangra dancers are indeed a visual treat for the audience.
You can either choose a traditional Bhangra dance performance to enjoy an authentic Punjabi dance or a modern version of Bhangra which is a fusion of both the old and contemporary music genres. We can also tailor-make a package for you which has the flavors of both traditional and contemporary dance styles. You could opt for a combined performance of Bhangra dancers with our dhol players for the most spectacular and memorable dance experiences for your guests.

To know further on the Bhangra dance performances or to book one for your special event, you can get in touch with our friendly team of experts. Bliss Entertainment is looking forward to hear from you!