Bliss Entertainment

Gidha Dancers

The Gidda dance is just as lively and high-spirited as the Bhangra and beautifully represents feminine grace, elegance and agility. Also known as the ring dance, it is a folk dance which originated from Punjab, India, and is performed by women who enthrall everyone with their exuberant dance movements.

Think of spicing up your party or wedding reception and you can simply rely on our Gidda dancers to fulfill your wish. Skilled in the most attractive dance expression of Gidda, our group of female dancers charm the audience as they narrate an interesting story through a powerful blend of music, dance and dramatic enactment of the folk verses.

The melodious tune, rhythmic dance movements coupled with the sound of clapping hands and thundering drum beats transport you and the guests to a different world of fun and frolic.

Bliss Entertainment takes pride in their Gidda dancers who can turn the evening into a thrilling and never-seen-before experience. Come and book a Bliss Entertainment Gidda dance performance to gift your guest a memory they will cherish forever!