Bliss Entertainment

Dhol Players

If you have made up your mind to go for an explosive music that will resonate in the entire venue and give an electrifying touch to your event then our dhol players are ready for action. The infectious, loud and peppy sound of the Indian drums gets people up to dance and participate in the merriment.

Bliss Entertainment is proud to have one of the finest group of dhol players who are skilled in the art of entertaining people with their rhythmic and fascinating beats. The dhol drummers playing in sync with seamless ease create an energetic vibe that heightens the spirit of celebration.

Whether it is to give a grand welcome to the bride groom or to set the mood for a party, our dholis are trained for everything in perfection. The rocking sound of our dhol players lends an authentic traditional mark to your wedding, party or event.

You can get in touch with our friendly team of experts to book Bliss Entertainment dhol players for your special event. We look forward to hearing from you soon.